"listen! do you smell something?"

In 1984, one of the finest films in the history of cinema was released. It featured, as one of its main characters, the city of New York...

A self-guided multimedia walking tour of New York City, augmented by the use of portable media devices.

Sites relevant to the original 'Ghostbusters' compose the tour path, with video content relevant to the film, geography and history of New York comprising the tour. Watching film footage on a portable media device, while standing in the site of its creation some 20 years ago, 'media memories' become real memories and mediated experience becomes actualized.

ghostbustour is an attempt to re-attach "media memories" with our real experience of space and time.

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Our trailer is also here as a QuickTime .mov for your viewing and downloading pleasure. If you're super awesome and want to share the news on your blog, its also up on YouTube.